Trailer 3111: How to Do Stained Glass Quilts with Lamé and Beaded Borders with Colette Dumont | Button Embroidery with Alex Anderson

Debuting November 20, 2022: On the next Quilt Show, Colette Dumont from Quebec, Canada is someone you're going to want on your radar. Her quilts are beyond dazzling, and she has a number of best-of-show awards to prove it.


By day she and her husband run a large dairy farm, and by night she's adding thousands of sparkly beads to her beautiful designs. Learn from the master of beading how to add bling to the edges of fabric. Plus, see her intriguing technique for making stand-out stained glass quilts.


And, Alex is sharing a fun, fun demo on button embroidery. It's the new thing that Alex is slightly obsessed about. She thinks you'll like it, and we know you will love Colette Dumont and her quilts. Join us.



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