Six Know-It-Alls: Episode 9 - Fairs, Frakturs, Fylfots, & Favorites

In this episode, we have SEVEN Know-It-Alls. Seven?! YES! We have a very special guest: Alex Anderson of The Quilt Show! Fairs, Frakturs, Fylfots, & Favorites are all fair game and ALL the Know-It-Alls weigh in on these topics for another lively and informative conversation.

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The Six Know-It-Alls with Six Quilts (and More!)

Join Julie Silber and her quilting cohorts for the third installment of Six Know-It-Alls, Six Quilts!

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Six Know-It-Alls, At It Again!

Join Julie Silber as she welcomes the Six Know-It-Alls to The Quilt District in the next installment of her new series!

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Six Quilts with Six Know-it-Alls

Julie Silber has begun a new series of videos with her quilting friends Alden O'Brien, Barbara Brackman, Debby Cooney, Lynne Bassett and Merikay Waldvogel.

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