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The Quilt Show Puzzle: "Vintage Redwork Baskets" by Rosie deLeon-McCrady

Do a puzzle of Rosie deLeon-McCrady's quilt, Vintage Redwork Baskets.

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The Quilt Show Puzzle: "Sundress" by Meg Hawkey

Do a puzzle of Meg Hawkey's quilt, Sundress.

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The Quilt Show Puzzle: "Tea With Miss D" by Sandra Leichner

Do a puzzle of Sandra Leichner's quilt, Tea With Miss D.

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Trailer 3009: How to Do Handwork | Handwork Masterclass Part 2 - All About Stitches from Basic to Fancy

Debuting April 24, 2022: We're bringing you our second Masterclass on Handwork with Rosie de Leon-McCrady, Anna Bates, Sandra Leichner, Amy McClellan, and Meg Hawkey. Essentially, we're keeping you in stitches with a variety of artists who love handwork. From the classic basic stitches of redwork to the classic and elegant stitches of sashiko.

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