Six Ways to Ruin a Quilt with Quilting

Lori Kennedy wants you to get over your fear of ruining your quilt with machine quilting. She highlights six ways to ruin a quilt and follows up with ways to avoid that ruination. I think we all want to avoid...


Here are the six ways to ruin a quilt with quilting, according to Lori Kennedy at Lori Kennedy Quilts:


1. Allowing the quilt top to languish (neatly folded) in a Sterlite box in the basement…out of fear of “ruining” it.


2. Allover Meandering or Stippling


3. Wrong Scale


4. Unbalanced quilt density


5. Wrong thread


6. Improper tension


Click Here, or the photo below, to learn more about why these six things will ruin your quilt.


six ways to ruin a quilt with quilting lori kennedy new


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