Ricky Tims Talks To Producer Shelly Heesacker About Her Vision for Diana S. Fox and Susan Dillon's Show

Shelly Heesacker, the producer of The Quilt Show, tells Ricky Tims about her vision for Diana S. Fox's appearance on our latest show. Diana shares with The Quilt Show audience her techniques for round blocks and Fosshape interfacing. Plus learn how Susan Dillon, who used to be in Burlesque, creates "environments" and shows us her special embroidery. Great teaching and a fun show await you.


Learn from Diana and Susan by watching them in Round Blocks and Modular Possibilities with Diana S. Fox | Environmental Embroidery with Susan Dillon.


Watch the video below to see Ricky's interview with Shelly about Diana and Susan's appearances on The Quilt Show.



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