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WeAllSew: Matchstick Quilting

Do you know what Matchstick Quilting is? Learn all about this "tight linear style of quilting" and one of its earliest innovators, Cassandra Beaver, who currently has four pieces in the permanent collection of the National Quilt Museum, in this informative article from WeAllSew.


From Gina Halladay at WeAllSew:


"Have you heard of “Matchstick” quilting? This tight linear style of quilting is gaining popularity.


Hundreds of thousands of stitches travel in linear lines across the quilts of modern quilt designer and instructor Cassandra Beaver. These quilting lines are just ⅛ of an inch apart and create a quilting style called matchstick quilting. And Cassandra is an expert.


Matchstick quilting has gained popularity in the last ten years as the modern quit movement started to take off. Cassandra was a catalyst that pushed this style of quilting which can be done horizontally, vertically or both ways on a quilt."


Click Here, or the image below, to learn more and see more examples of Matchstick Quilting.




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