Quilt Stories with Lisa Walton featuring Susan Lenz's Stained Glass Quilts

Lisa Walton, textile artist and past President of SAQA, talks with Susan Lenz about her Stained Glass Quilts and why burning holes in your quilts is not always a bad thing on a sizzling installment of Quilt Stories.


Watch the video below to see Lisa's interview with Susan.


Learn from Susan in How to Use Unusual Tools to Make a Quilt with Susan Lenz | How to Use Shiva Paintstiks and from Lisa from in Fusing and Art Quilts with Lisa Walton | Cosplay Design with Gayle Scheliemann.



Lynn Randall
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I LOVE Susan Lenz's work!! I'd love to see her "found objects stash". There must be rooms filled with goodies! Thanks so much for this interview. Please bring her back when she can talk about her found object pieces.

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