Alex's Show Recommendations for the Weekend

There are a close to 400 episodes of The Quilt Show, and for some that number makes it hard to decide where to start watching. But Alex has a list of shows to start off your quilting binge with ease with some her favorites. Our current show with Libby Williamson is an excellent start, and the rest of these shows on the list are related and will help you learn a lot about the evolution of the art of quilting.

Here are Alex's recommendations for Shows to watch over the long weekend:

1) Libby Williamson - The current show is packed with inspiration from easy to complex. If you haven't made a Face, get ideas here: How to Use Fabric Panels, Create Wonky Fabric Portraits, and Make One-of-a-Kind Rope Quilts with Libby Williamson

2) Michael James - This quilting pioneer will help you understand where Modern came from: 2013 Quilt Legend Michael James

3) Yvonne Porcella - Yvonne started SAQA the Studio Art Quilt Associates. Here art quilters work to help each other grow and help this form of quilting become accepted. Check out her section on Faces: 2010 Quilt Legend Yvonne Porcella | How to Paint on Silk | Art Quilts

4) Joen Wolfrom - Joen has been teaching about color and helping quilters make it work in their quilts. See her tips and advice: How to Use Color with Joen Wolfrom | Wearable Art with April Sproule

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