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How to Use Color with Joen Wolfrom | Wearable Art with April Sproule

(Show 2101) Meet Joen Wolfrom  Joen Wolfrom has been fascinated with and studied the magic of color for over four decades. With the "new" updated Color Wheel we get a great understanding of color and how to use it.  Armed with this knowledge, she lets you in on the secrets of how color works and why some don't seem to play well with others. We see "Pizzazz" which is a study of analogous colors. "Fantasia" which features her favorite block - log cabin. Create a Color Plan.  Joen shares tips for using layers of color to create depth in your quilt blocks. She shares options in fabric selection and even using the back of the fabric to better show the layers of color.  Recycle that Shirt!  Then, April Sproule shares ideas for reinventing clothing that is ‘so last decade’ into stunning pieces of wearable art using stenciling, piecing, painting and embellishment. It will have you look at your old wardrobe in a whole new light.

Color Tips & Tricks, Color Wheel, Value, Painting, Stenciling, Garments.
Series 2100

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