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Paint, Layer and Stitch Quilts with Katie Fowler | Quilt Studio Tour Joe Cunningham

(Show 1807) Katie Fowler shares her paint, layer, stitch method of quilting, using PFD (Prepared for Dying) fabric and some amazing “play tools.” She walks Alex through the process, noting that mishaps can turn into new and wonderful discoveries. She coaches quilters to explore their creativity and move past external factors that may hold them back. To prove her point, she does something startling to one of her quilts in progress, saying “it’s about the process, not the product.” Katie Fowler’s work was influenced heavily by negative remarks she received from her college art professor. It caused her to change her major from Art to Education, but it stuck with her, and returned later, forming her resolve to fight fear and negativity. Katie shows her quilts, and refers to Alice in Wonderland, and the need to face fears, jump down the rabbit hole, and enjoy the ride.  She also shares the wisdom she gained from a devastating fire that destroyed her studio. Later, Joe Cunningham gives a tour of his San Francisco studio and shares his design process.

Studio Visit: Joe Cunningham in his studio in San Francisco, California.

Art Quilts, Machine Appliqué, Quilt Pattern, Rotary Cutting, Binding, Drawing, Painting
Series 1800

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