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How to Work with Unusual Materials with Jane LaFazio | How to Do Circle Embroidery with Ricky Tims

(Show 1903) Jane LaFazio came to quilting with a graphic design degree and a passion for sketching and watercolor. She started stitching through paper and gradually made the transition to fabric. Jane shows you how to create your own cloth by adding designs to fabric using a stencil and acrylic ink. She then uses the same stencil as a template for stitching to add more texture and interest. Using Prefelt as a base (a partially-formed base material that is used for layering fabrics and designs), Jane adds bits of wool roving, sheer fabric, and ribbon creating a “sandwich” of elements that are felted together. Further embellishments include beads, sequins and whatever else comes to mind.  Ricky teaches you how to add extra dimension to your quilts with decorative stitches using an embroidery circle attachment. He also demonstrates free-motion couched yarn stitching, which does the quilting at the same time!

Fairy Ring Pattern

Blocks Featured: Circles

Unusual Materials, Beading, Embellishments, Needle Punch/Felting, Stencils, Painting, Wool, Art Quilts
Series 1900

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