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Grid Quilting Traditional Quilts with Cindy Seitz-Krug | Machine Quilted Lettering

(Show 2603)  Alex and Ricky are introduced to Cindy Seitz-Krug, who got her start when she was invited by her mother to join in a 30-week quilting class in 1992. She has been recognized for her work in a special exhibit at a Phoenix AQS show and has taught classes with AQS as well. Cindy, a traditional quilter for almost thirty years, demos grid based quilting designs with techniques that are great for whole cloth quilts and easily adapted for patchwork quilts.Then Cindy shares her quilts and tells their stories.  Ricky also shares tips for adding machine quilted lettering to your quilt.

Quilting, Updated Classic, Letters and Words, Freezer Paper, Domestic Sewing Machine, Fillers, Notions, Quilting Templates
Series 2600

Wendy Grande
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Hello - Cindy offers the gridded fabric, in notions on her website Quintessential Quilting

Anna Palmer
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Where can a quilter get the gridded fabrics shown in the episode? I would like to try improving my FMQing but can not find the fabric to practice on...

Thank you


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