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2017 Quilt Legend Judith Baker Montano

(Show 2113) The Quilt Show Quilt Legend 2017, Judith Baker Montano, with a Fine Arts Degree from Chico State University, CA, was a mentee of Bill Johnson, illustrator for the Saturday Evening Post. Through trial and error she created her own techniques for crazy quilting that she incorporated into art to wear, as well as other items for stitch enthusiasts to make. Join Alex and Ricky as Judith gives a tour of her home and studio which are filled with works of her own and friends. Judith loves exotic pattern, color, and texture and most recently has been working on a series of landscapes based on her personal photos. She also shares some of her techniques for manipulating photos and creating the backgrounds for those landscapes.  In her garden, Judith chats about her home and her multi-cultural family. She comes from a long line of gardeners and never wanted to be a fiber artist. She considers her garden an "English" garden in La Veta, CO, and it has been an inspiration for her photography and art work.

Visit: Visit the home, Gardens and Studio of Judith Baker Montano in La Veta, Colorado.

Quilt Legends, Embellishments, Hand Embroidery, Thread, Computer Based, Silk, Unusual Materials, Art Quilts, Photo Inspired Quilts, Crazy Quilts
Series 2100

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