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How to Make a Neutral Quilt | How to Make a Crumb Catcher

(Show 408) Alex Anderson, Author, Quilt Teacher, Simply Quilts Host and more, shares her quilting history, demos the Daisy Chain block, and reveals "What is a crumb catcher?" (and shows you how to make one). Discover the charm and elegance of quilts made exclusively with neutral fabrics from Alex, who's made all-neutral quilts for years, and has even written a book about them!  Follow along as The Quilt Show ventures beyond the La Veta studio to visit the quilters of the Mother's Guild of Boys Town in Omaha, NE.

Visit: Visit the Mothers Guild of Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska
Block Featured: Daisy Chain

Flange, Crumb Catcher, Machine Applique, Color Theory, Patchwork Tips & Tricks, Piecing, Fabric Selection, Scrap Quilts, Quilts for a Cause.
Series 400

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