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How to Make a Photo Inspired Quilt with David Taylor | Thread Problems Superior Threads | How to Make a Grid Art Quilt

(Show 406) We feel especially lucky to bring quilt artist David Taylor to the attention of The Quilt Show family. If you've been to any of the major quilt shows recently, you've probably stood before his work in awe. In this episode, David brings his current "work in progress" to discuss and demonstrate the development, techniques, and fabrics he uses to create his award-winning quilts. Also not to be missed: the always-welcome Thread Guy, Bob Purcell, gives you a handy guide to troubleshoot your thread problems.  Ricky shares his grid art quilt with blocks we all recognize.  He also shares his insights on pre-washing hand dyed fabrics.

Photo Inspired Quilts, Hand Applique, Quilt Pattern, Thread, Fabric Dyeing, Fabric Preparation, Fabric Selection, PIctorial Quilts
Series 400

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