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How to Embroider a Baltimore Album Quilt and How to Make a Sawtooth Border with Elly Sienkiewicz

(Show 404) Elly Sienkiewicz, Baltimore Album Artist, Author and Historian, shares adding elegance to quilted projects with stem-stitch embroidery and dogtooth borders. Follow along as she outlines the construction of a charming case for storing and transporting individual blocks. Learn how to care for your quilts and other textile heirlooms with Bunny Rose. Alex offers a lesson on using fabric selection to make your quilt come alive.

Quilt Pillowcase Pattern

Gift Idea: Pincushion
Block Featured: Dogtooth

Baltimore Album Quilts, Applique Tips & Tricks, Hand Applique, Color Tips & Tricks, Embellishments, Hand Embroidery, Borders, Fabric Selection
Series 400

Judy Lyon
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Fabulous show. I learned so many tricks! I'm inspired by Elly's desire to bless the lives of future quilters. Alex + Ricky you are hoping all of us too!

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I just wanted to thank you for highlighting Betty Pillsbury's quilt Sanity is overrated. I love Crazy Quilts, and to have an example of this original ART quilt to educate people this old form of ART quilting is precious! THANK YOU!

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