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Show 2802: Quilting Design Masterclass

Featuring: Sue Nickels / Cathy Franks / Cindy Needham / Nancy Arseneault / Alex Anderson

Posts On: January 17, 2021 (Free from January 17, 2021 through January 31, 2021)


Quilt Design can be so challenging and befuddling for so many quilters, in fact, many choose to quilt by check. But if you think you’re ready in this New Year to learn a new skill or hone the skills you already have…this show is for you. It’s all about quilt design from the people who have mastered it, Sue Nickels, Cathy Franks, Cindy Needham, Nancy Arseneault, and Alex Anderson. From feathers, to tools, to fun tips and tricks, everything you need to know to get the best quilting designs is right here waiting for you in the next Quilt Show Masterclass.

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Sue Nickels

Cathy Franks

Cindy Needham

Nancy Arseneault (No website Currently)

Alex Anderson (Alex Anderson Quilts)

From Chapter One:

Sue Nickels gives detailed instruction on how to design a feather, the importance of the spine, using tracing paper, and if your stumped on what kind of spine. to do, she has a nifty trick you need to check out.

From Chapter Two:

Cathy Franks gives us a very entertaining and informative segment, from taping a see through film on your quilt top to see and practice designs, to using special tools that allow you to get up to 7-9 designs out of just one tool.

From Chapter Three:

Cindy Needham showcases her Ultimate Stencil, which allows you to do circular designs or square designs fairly easily. Then, Nancy Arseneault shows how she takes a picture of a full quilt top, then takes a picture of the a smaller section of the top and turns it black and white (to drop out distracting color) so you can see where to put your quilt design.

From Chapter Four:

To wrap things up, Alex shares how to draft a cable quilt design, which works for just about any size area you need on your quilt.

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#2 lmmullaney 2021-01-18 15:50
AWESOME show! I learned new techniques from each
#1 ceecee7 2021-01-17 14:54
What kind of tracing paper does Sue Nickels recommend. There are too many choices that I find.
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