WeAllSew Tutorial: Under Wraps – Mummy Pillow Slipcover

There's still time before Halloween to make this fun-loving Under Wraps - Mummy Pillow by Stacy Schlyer from WeAllSew (or just learn how to make a slipcover). We particularly love the glow-in-the-dark eyes...


From Stacy Schlyer at WeAllSew:


"Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays, and my house decor usually shows how much I love it! One of my favorite creations this year is a mummy pillow slipcover. It’s easy to sew, not scary (so it’s great around little ones), and can be easily removed and stored away for next year’s house transformation. Ready to make your own? Here’s how!"


Click Here, or the image below, to go to the tutorial and learn more.






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