WeAllSew Tutorial: Three Ways To Remove Overlocker Stitches

As Serger Month continues, Silvia Sutters at WeAllSew is here to show you three ways to remove Overlocker (Serger) Stitches. Learn what she does to help you get out of a jam and to let you continue sewing with ease.


From Silvia Sutters at WeAllSew:


"Let’s talk about the dreaded moment when you realize you made a mistake and have to get the seam ripper out to remove some stitches. But not for any simple, straight seam. For an overlocker seam.




Terror sets in, anxiety levels rise up and all you want to do is throw away that cursed project.


But wait! There is still hope! Removing overlocked stitches is not that scary. In fact, I will show you three ways to remove overlocker stitches that will get you back on track in a jiffy."


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