WeAllSew Tutorial: Sewing a Hand Muff

Just because Christmas is over doesn't mean it stops getting cold. You'll still need to be bundled up for the next few months or so, and Emily Hall at WeAllSew has a quick and easy tutorial to show you how to sew a Hand Muff to those hands of yours nice and toasty (in addition to the big heavy coat, hat, and snow pants your wearing to also keep warm).


From Emily Hall at WeAllSew:


"Once again winter is upon us here in the Chicago area which means time to prep our warm clothing and accessories for a few months of snowy weather. Anything that I can make to keep me warm and happy during this time of possible -50 degree weather, is always a bonus."


Watch the video below to see how Emily sews the Hand Muff together.


Click Here to go to the tutorial and learn more.



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