WeAllSew Tutorial: How to Supersize Quilt Blocks

Faith Jones at WeAllSew loves to take traditional quilt blocks and re-imagine them in new and fresh ways. She might "over simplify" the design, play with the colors, or change the scale of the block. In this tutorial, she "supersizes" her quilt block. Learn how she starts with a 12" block and ends up with a 48" x 48" quilt.


From Faith Jones at WeAllSew:


"I love taking traditional, vintage, classic (so many names for them!) quilt blocks and re-imagining them in new and fresh ways. That might be through a simplification of design, playing with the colors, or changing the scale of the block. One fun way to create a statement is to supersize the quilt block.


Do you want to try your hand at supersizing a quilt? Grab some graph paper and let’s get started. Today we are going to create a supersize pattern of a Pinwheel quilt block."


Click Here, or the image of the block below, to go to the tutorial and learn more.




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