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WeAllSew Tutorial: How to Make a Quilted Superhero Cape

Anysley Campbell at WeAllSew writes, "Jazz up that store-bought costume with aquilt panelby creating a quilted superhero cape!" Learn how to make your superhero cape with this two part project, where you'll first create a Quilt Panel as a basis, and then turn that into a high-flying Superhero Cape with style.


This is a two part project. First, you will make a Quilt Panel that will be the basis for your superhero quilt. You can Click Here, or the link below, to learn how to make that panel. Then, once your panel is made, you can fly up, up and away and create your Superhero Cape!


From Anysley Campbell at WeAllSew:


"I don’t know about you but before I had kids, I always pictured myself sewing these great Halloween costumes every year. Being so proud of my hands making an heirloom-quality piece that would go down in the family history books as, “Wow you outdid yourself again, these are fabulous,” or, “Can’t wait to see how you top this next year!”. . . Yeah, turns out that picture wasn’t me but some other mom in my neighborhood I don’t know.


Truth be told, I sew, but I don’t sew clothes—it’s just not my thing. I also don’t have the time to spend weeks on end making costumes for all four of my boys, but I do want them to feel special in their store-bought costumes. Even at age six, I want my son’s costume to be different than the kid sitting next to him in class, even if it’s just his eye mask or gloves or maybe, a quilted superhero cape!


Normally, this is where I tell you to go make a quilt panel for your quilted superhero cape, but this time we need to put a pattern together first. Because the sizes for this cape can range from adult down to toddler, making your pattern is really the only way to go. Don’t freak out! It’s super easy and you can totally make your pattern using just a few random household items."


Click Here to learn how to make the Quilt Panel for your cape.


Click Here, or the image below, to learn how to make a Superhero Cape.




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