WeAllSew Tutorial: How to Make a Pressing Ham

If there is one thing that all garment sewers know, it's that you are usually doing a lot of pressing. But how do press that perfect piece every time? Look no further, because Megann Freese over at WeAllSew has a fast and easy pattern to make you a Pressing Ham, also known as a tailor’s ham, that will help you press your garments right each and every time!


From Megann Freese at WeAllSew:


"How do you feel about ironing? Is it something you love to do or dread doing? It may seem odd, but I am someone who actually enjoys ironing. For me, it symbolizes the starting and the ending of most of my projects because I usually start and end with pressing! However, there are a lot of times that I am pressing after each step. And as someone who makes a lot of garments, there are always curved, dimensional pieces involved. Because of this, a pressing ham is a staple in my sewing room. It is one of those notions that you do not think you need until you actually need it.


If you are in need of a pressing ham right now, you have come to the right place. This pattern is fast and easy to create and will help you continue on with your sewing projects after a perfect pressing.


You may also know a pressing ham as a tailor’s ham, as this notion is often used when pressing garments during construction. The ham replicates the dimensions of the body. Pressing hams are great to fill in curves to help create a flat seam, free of tucks or ripples. When you cannot get that perfect press, you may just be needing a pressing ham to fill in the empty space."


Watch the video tutorial below.


Click Here to learn more about making the Pressing Ham.



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