WeAllSew Tutorial: Heirloom-Inspired Hair Bow

What is a great and easy-to-make gift that you can have done in no time? A lovely Heirloom-Inspired Hair Bow, and Emily Hall at WeAllSew has a simple and quick tutorial for you on how to make it!


From Emily Hall at WeAllSew:


"I was out shopping for a Christmas gift for my best friend’s daughter and came across this store with an exciting selection of hair accessories and every color, size and genre. From sparkling cheerleading hair bows to petite everyday bows and a lovely selection of classic heirloom style bows. Upon seeing the heirloom bows, I just knew that my B 770 QE PLUS could recreate this stitching technique."


Watch the video on how to make the Heirloom-Inspired Hair Bow below.


Click Here to learn more from the tutorial.



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