WeAllSew Tutorial: Fast Finish Quilts

While quilting is a hobby that everyone can enjoy, it is true that some have more time to pursue it than others. For those that need to get their quilting fix in quick, Christy Burcham at WeAllSew has an informative webinar all about Fast Finish Quilts. Learn about some easily completable patterns and even some tips to help you finish your quilts quicker too!


From Christy Burcham at WeAllSew:


"Some quilts take years to finish, and others you need to dash off in a day. In this webinar, BERNINA of America Director of Education Christy Burcham will give you resources for quick-to-complete patterns. She’ll also cover tips for finishing your quilts faster, from using different tools (like a serger!) to time-saving techniques."


Watch the webinar below, which was recorded on March 30, 2022.


Click Here to learn more.



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