Warm Remembrances: Quiltmaking and Memory Making

The Quilt Alliance is excited to announce that their virtual quilt exhibition, Warm Remembrances: Quiltmaking and Memory Making, is now open to the public. This exhibition was created in conjunction with Quilters Take a Moment last September, but now anyone can tour the exhibit and see the amazing quilts, curated by Laura Hopper.


From the Quilt Alliance:


"Marking milestones, occasions, and events have always been an important part of quilting. From weddings and births to wars and politics, quilters have long used our sewing skills to mark memorable times. But commemorative quilts hold more power than simply remembering a date on a calendar.


Warm Remembrances: Quiltmaking and Memory Making is not just about the quilts we make to mark the meaningful moments in our lives. It’s also about the way we remember those events and how we can make memories more permanent through quilts. Is memory always crystal clear? Is history always remembered today? And how does the physical nature and artistic design of a quilt shape the ways we experience memory?


Warm Remembrances explores these ideas in four narrative sections that grow as you navigate through the exhibition. The first section, Personal, focuses on individual memories. Next, in the Family section, we expand our focus to learn about quilts commemorating events in the home. Our focus expands again in the Community section, which has quilts about memories that shaped communities of people or specific locations. Finally, we’ll look at our remembrances of global events, leading all the way up to the present day."


Watch a preview video of the exhibit below. (PLEASE NOTE: The video mentions touring the exhibit as part of Quilters Take a Moment 2021, you no longer have to do that and can view the exhibit by clicking the link below.)


Click Here to see the quilts and tour the Virtual Exhibit.



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