Trailer 3501: How to Quilt with Rulers, Use Decolorant (Non-Bleach), and Make a Koala Quilt with Michelle de Groot

Debuting June 30, 2024: On the next Quilt Show, our guest Michelle de Groot comes from a land down under, but her work is over-the-top fantastic. She has so many new, exciting things going on that we invited her to be back on the show. Watch her take the color out of basic black fabric and then add back in eye-popping color. She says you don't have to be a painter to play this way.


Then see how she's taken her free-motion quilting to beginners and making it possible. Plus, meet Ridgy Didge, a charming koala pattern that she designed. See the magic you can create with just one marsupial.


Australian Michelle de Groot is in the house, and she does not disappoint. Join us on the next Quilt Show!



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