Trailer 3412: How to Turn a Photo Into a Quilt Design and Working with Solids with Cindy Wiens | Fringed Edge Finish with Ricky Tims

Debuting June 16, 2024: On the next Quilt Show, we plucked her from relative obscurity and we're shining a big, bright spotlight on the talents of Fresno, California quilter Cindy Wiens. Cindy has the ability to find inspiration and patterns in the most unusual places and then translate them directly into fabric. It's really cool to see.


Plus, she has some great ideas of what to do with solid fabrics that might help you enliven your next project. And don't miss Ricky's fringed edge finish for small quilts. He's really shredding it these days.


From Fresno to found designs to fringed edges, it's all fun an frivolity, only on TheQuiltShow.com.



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