Trailer 3311: Using Evolon for Die Cutting and Monoprinting with Valerie C. White | Fabric Braids with Kate Colleran

Debuting November 19, 2023: On the next Quilt Show, we're so excited, Valerie C. White returns. You may remember her as the Roots and Refuge artist who has a love affair expressing roots in her quilts. She's back to tout the good news about a new product that has revolutionized her work called Evolon. For a surface design person, it takes possibilities to the next level.


Watch Valerie monoprint designs onto Evolon which can later be used as one-of-a-kind no-fray appliqué. Plus, how does Evolon work with die cutters and precision cutting? Well, Valerie will show you.


Then, Kate Colleran drops by our set to show us her nearly goof-proof braids, so many sizes too. We're playing with two Colorado artists that bring so much to the table. Join us on the next Quilt Show.




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