Trailer 3303: A Mod Podge Appliqué Technique and Fabric Selection with Kestrel Michaud | Embroidery Hoop Quilting with Sarah Vedeler

Debuting July 30, 2023: On the next Quilt Show, there's a new quilter on the quilt block. If you haven't heard the name Kestrel Michaud, you won't forget it after this show. Kestrel is a fabric illustrator who creates award-winning imaginative realism with hundreds of little pieces of fabric. How does she keep all of those itty-bitty fabric pieces from fraying? She'll show you.


Plus, Kestrel has a fool-proof method for selecting vibrant realistic colors in her fantasy quilts. Wanna know how? Just "swatch" her in action.


Then, Arizona's own Sarah Vedeler drops by our set to show us the latest machine embroidery technique that she's all jazzed about. It's quilting in the hoop.


We have two trailblazers with exciting things to share on the next Quilt Show.



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