Trailer 3210: Working with Yukata Fabric and Designer Facings with Patricia Belyea | Quilt Care and Storage with Lisa Erlandson

Debuting May 7, 2023: On the next Quilt Show, Patricia Belyea has been fascinated by Japanese culture for really most of her life. When she discovered Yukata cottons, she found her calling. Patricia will show you just how cool these vintage-dyed fabrics with bold motifs are and how you can use them.


Plus, if you want to learn how to make designer edges that disappear from the front of the quilt, Patricia shares her secrets.


And don't miss quilt collector Lisa Erlandson's tips on quilt care and storage. After all, preserving all your hard work will be a treasure for generations.


So set a date and learn to create, and then perpetuate your passion for years to come only at TheQuiltShow.com!



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