Trailer 3205: How to Prep Appliqué and Needleturn Appliqué with Irene Blanck | Vintage Appliqué Quilts with Lisa Erlandson

Debuting February 26, 2023: On the next Quilt Show, she's finally here! Irene Blanck all the way from Australia with her gorgeous and joyous quilts. Irene oftentimes uses up to eighty different colors in each quilt, and she has a soft spot for appliqué birds, vases, and flowers. See how Irene preps her work to make it portable, and then watch her way to do needle turn appliqué.


Plus, quilt historian Lisa Erlandson drops by with some vintage appliqué quilts from yesteryear. You will see the hits and the misses. Whether you love new quilts or old quilts, we think you'll give this show an "A" for amazing appliqué. Join us.



Virginia O'Donnell
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I love her use of fabric!

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