Trailer 3202: Braided Curves, Lines and Triangles Equal Squares with Maria Shell | For the Love of Quilting with Nancy and Karey

Debuting January 15, 2023: Look who you get to hang with on the next Quilt Show. It's Maria Shell. It's great that Maria's back, and you won't want to miss what you'll be learning. Lately, Maria's been obsessed with triangles and all the possibilities they create in improvisational play. Plus, see how one simple improv curve, when repeated, gets you incredible results. So, anyone who's interested in letting go of the ruler and attempting improv, this show's for you.


But that's not all. You may know about the visionaries behind the International Quilt Festival in Houston, but you might be surprised to learn about the other ways Karey Patterson Bresenhan and Nancy O’Bryant Puentes have tried to get others to pay attention to quilts and quilters. They are legendary ladies.


Join Maria Shell and Alex for inspiration and improv. They'll see you on TheQuiltShow.com.



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