Trailer 3110: How to Design with PowerPoint - Embellishing Appliqué Rocks with Ana Buzzalino | How to Load a Longarm with Denise Lopez

Debuting November 6, 2022: Guess who's on the next Quilt Show? Ana Buzzalino from Calgary, Canada. She is so gifted with surface design and embroidery techniques, and layers. Lots and lots of layers.


So what kind of tricks does Ana have up her sleeve? She'd like to show you how to create a collage of images easily in PowerPoint. Plus, she loves rocks, and she will show you how she embellishes her fabric rocks. So many good ideas.


Oh wait, you don't want to miss our BERNINA expert, Denise Lopez, who will show you a unique way for loading fabric on the longarm.


So many good ideas, and one place to see them, on TheQuiltShow.com!



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