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Trailer 3106: Working with Mayan Textiles and Stripes and Textile Tours with Priscilla Bianchi

Debuting September 11, 2022: On the next Quilt Show, Guatemala is a country with a rich textile history but virtually no quilters. Enter in Priscilla Bianchi. Wait till you see how Priscilla combines the ethnic appeal of Mayan Guatemalan hand-woven textiles with American quilt-making techniques. She'll teach you specifically how to mix ethnic fabrics with quilter's cotton.


And we almost lost our minds when she showed us some of the weaving and embroidery to come out of Guatemala's current textile artists. The textures and the symbolism are really extraordinary and continue to be passed down as a living tradition.


Plus, Priscilla wants to start a stripe revolution and you will want to join forces. From deep in the heart of Central America, Priscilla Bianchi is taking center stage on the next Quilt Show!



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