Trailer 3105: Upcycling Orphan Blocks and Improv Strip Piecing with Rayna Gillman | How To do Y-Seams with Ricky Tims

Debuting August 28, 2022: On the next Quilt Show, do you have a couple of orphan blocks just lying around your house? You know, those blocks that didn't just quite make the cut in previous quilts. Our guest, Rayna Gillman, wants to take your orphan blocks to the Cinderella Ball, and wait till you see her transformations.


Plus, when it comes to cutting up her fabric, Rayna decrees "Rulers be gone!" See her free form cutting and piecing. And also, Ricky has some valuable tips on putting together an eight-pointed star. Y-Seams, or, "Wise" Seams?


It's a show where the old becomes new, on TheQuiltShow.com!



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