Go Tell It! Interview with Michael A. Cummings

Congratulations to Michael A. Cummings, who was just named a 2023 NEA Heritage Fellow by the National Endowment for the Arts. Michael, who was previously featured on The Quilt Show in a field piece, brings his quilts to life with a rich level of artistry and history. In this Go Tell It at the Quilt Show! interview from the Quilt Alliance, you'll be able to see both on display as he talks about his Frida Kahlo quilt.

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Quilters' Save Our Stories with Michael Cummings

We continue our spotlight on the Quilters' Save Our Stories (QSOS) program from the Quilt Alliance by highlighting Michael Cummings. Michael, who was featured on The Quilt Show as part of a field piece, was interviewed for this piece live by Carolyn Mazloomi at the 2017 Quilters Take Manhattan event. In it, he shares his quilt, African Jazz #10, and "talks about his process, inspiration, and the tools he uses to make his art quilts inspired by music, African-American history, and American culture."

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