Trailer 2904: Learn Techniques for Spontaneous Design with Found Fabrics and Silky Surfaces with Sue Benner

Debuting August 15, 2021Sue Benner has been an art quilter for four decades. With a degree in molecular biology and a passion for art, her pieces often feature themes of cellular structure. Mixing complex dyed and painted textiles, Sue loves working in a series, with flowers being a recurring subject.

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Trailer 2810: Learn Dyeing and Appliqué Techniques for Landscape Quilts with Sandra Mollon

Debuting May 9, 2021: Sandra Mollon demonstrates three different ways to dye fabric for landscape quilts in this brand new show. She then teaches Alex a prepared edge appliqué technique and a raw-edge fused applique technique, all which can be used for landscape quilts and artful gifts.

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