WeAllSew Tutorial: How to Sew Simple Fabric Hair Bows

For some quilters, their hair can sometimes be more foe then friend, getting in the way when they're trying to sew those close up stitches. But not anymore! Christina Kenkel at WeAllSew has a quick, simple, and fun tutorial all about making Fabric Hair Bows that will keep your hair tied up nice and neat so that your quilting can get done quick and sweet. With minimal fabric required, and a barrage of colors at your disposal, you'll be creating a collection of them in no time.

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WeAllSew Tutorial: How to Sew a Mini Organizing Collection

Looking for some quick and practical ways to get organized in the new year? Christina Kenkel at WeAllSew has a tutorial on how to sew a Mini Organizing Collection that includes: Padded Computer Sleeve, Padded Phone Sleeve, Notebook Sleeve, and a Pencil Case.

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