See Paula Nadelstern's Modern Bridge Quilt, "Kaleidoscopic XXXII: My Brooklyn Bridge"

We've finished our series on the Modern Bridges from around the world that would inspire quilters. Now let's take a look at quilts that actually were inspired by bridges. Our first is from TQS guest and master of the kaleidoscope quilt Paula Nadelstern. Paula's quilt, Kaleidoscopic XXXII: My Brooklyn Bridge, was inspired by a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City and is a part of her kaleidoscope series of quilts. Can you see why Paula considers this a kaleidoscope quilt? Click through to find out.


Here's some more information on Paula's quilt from artnet:


"In her Kaleidoscope XXXII: My Brooklyn Bridge (2006), the kaleidoscopic effect is limited to the sky. She has added hand-couched (or hand-twisted) cords for the cables. They project a three-dimensional feel that enriches the already active surface. Appropriately, it was made for a Manhattan Quilters Guild traveling exhibit called "Metrotextural.""


Technical Information:


 2006, Bronx,  NY
 Dimensions:  36” x 36”
 Textiles:  Cottons, silk
 Techniques:  Machine pieced, hand couched, long arm quilted, hand quilted, and obi silk, with felt-tip pen
 Photography  C&T Publications


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Photo from Paula Nadelstern's website, www.paulanadelstern.com.




Kelly Resh
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WOW! Incredible! I loved the bridge series, and now to see quilts inspired by bridges...fantastic! thanks!

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