The Quilt Show Puzzle: "Waning Crescent Meditation" by Deborah Boschert

Do a puzzle of Deborah Boschert's quilt, Waning Crescent Meditation.


Made using fused appliqué, hand embroidery, free motion quilting, and original surface design, Deborah says of Waning Crescent Meditation meaning, "The flow of imagery and color could represent steady inhale and exhale."


Click Here to see the Full Quilt.


See more of Deborah's quilts in How to Create Surface Design with Deborah Boschert | Quilt History with Julie Silber.


WaningCrescentMeditationbyDeborahBoschert - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

WaningCrescentMeditationbyDeborahBoschert - 102 Pieces Non-Rotating

WaningCrescentMeditationbyDeborahBoschert - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

WaningCrescentMeditationbyDeborahBoschert - 36 Pieces Rotating

WaningCrescentMeditationbyDeborahBoschert - 102 Pieces Rotating

WaningCrescentMeditationbyDeborahBoschert - 300 Pieces Rotating




Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


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