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The Quilt Show Puzzle: "Red Skies At Night, Sailor's Delight" by Joyce Becker

Do a puzzle of Joyce Becker's quilt, Red Skies At Night, Sailor's Delight.


Red Skies At Night, Sailor's Delight is Joyce's husband's favorite quilt of hers. Using both hand-dyed and commercial fabrics that she married together with thread, Joyce created the stunning sky of the title featuring beautiful hues of red, yellow, and orange. As for the water, Joyce painted it herself as she could not find fabric that matched what she was looking for.


Artist Statement"This is my husband’s favorite quilt and one of my favorites as well. I created the sky with fabrics I hand-dyed and then married together with extensive threadwork. I designed the lighthouse and used organza over the light and soutache for the black trim. I hand-painted the commercial lighthouse a darker shade on one side with textile paint showing the direction of the sun. I also hand painted the sea water, adding the implication of foamy waves hitting the rocks with white textile paint that I sponged. I created the foliage on the rocks with thread and also colored the rocks with fabric markers."


Click Here to see the Full Quilt.


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RedSkiesAtNightSailorsDelightbyJoyceBecker - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

RedSkiesAtNightSailorsDelightbyJoyceBecker - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

RedSkiesAtNightSailorsDelightbyJoyceBecker - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

RedSkiesAtNightSailorsDelightbyJoyceBecker - 36 Pieces Rotating

RedSkiesAtNightSailorsDelightbyJoyceBecker - 100 Pieces Rotating

RedSkiesAtNightSailorsDelightbyJoyceBecker - 289 Pieces Rotating




Original Photo: Gregory Case


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