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The Quilt Show Puzzle: "Indigo" by Blair Stocker

Do a puzzle of Blair Stocker's quilt, Indigo.


Indigo was inspired by the work that Blair had to do with denim while working in the apparel industry. Really needing to understand denim weaves and finishes for her work, she created this quilt using those techniques. Asked many times whether the quilt contains batting, since the material she used was already dense, Blair always lets them know that while the quilt feels like a weighted blanket at times, it does indeed have batting in it.


Click Here to see the Full Quilt.


See more of Blair's quilts in Upcycling Tips for a T-Shirt Quilt with Blair Stocker | Learn Creative Quilting Stitches on a Serger with Pam Mahshie.


IndigobyBlairStocker - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

IndigobyBlairStocker - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

IndigobyBlairStocker - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

IndigobyBlairStocker - 36 Pieces Rotating

IndigobyBlairStocker - 100 Pieces Rotating

IndigobyBlairStocker - 300 Pieces Rotating




Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


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