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The Quilt Show Newsletter - September 19, 2022

First Prize Miniature Quilts - 2022 Birmingham Festival of Quilts, Transform Your Quilting Week 8 is Great, Watch Priscilla Bianchi's Show Again and Again, Alex Shows You How to Use the Circular Attachment, Textile Talk - Fabulous Surfaces, Make Your Fabrics Fray-Free with Terial Magic, A Squiggly Puzzle

Newsletter - September 19, 2022
Featured Quilt - First Prize Miniature Quilts at the 2022 Birmingham Festival of Quilts

The winner of the Miniature Quilts category, sponsored by Baby Lock UK, at the 2022 Birmingham Festival of Quilts, was Sue Sherman with her quilt, Assorted Miniatures. This teeny tiny quilt (11" x 11") is no slouch in the awards department, having already won the Superior Threads Best Miniature Quilt Award at Paducah 2022, and being part of the collection of a little place called the National Quilt Museum.

On loan from the museum to the Festival, Susan had this to say about making the quilt, "What a treat to work tiny details using Liberty cottons! The challenge with this itsy-bitsy quilt was “stab” hand quilting, flipping it over and back again with every stitch so that stitches are neat both on top and bottom."

Hand appliquéd, English Paper Pieced, machine pieced, paper pieced, and hand quilted, the judges of the Festival commented, "Excellent! Wonderful use of techniques, with fabrics which relate to the scale. If you enlarged the quilt even the exquisite hand quilting would be in proportion. It is beautifully finished."
8 is Great!

It's week 8 of Transform Your Quilting. Time, tips, and techniques are quickly passing by.
Sally Collins is back with a a technique for Precision Chain Piecing (technique).  Show 1602 - Click on Chapter 3. Actually, this time it's a two-fer as she also shows you how to achieve perfectly ironed seams.

Do you like to use a thicker, decorative thread such as Razzle Dazzle in your bobbin?  Not sure how to tie off and bury those heavier threads? Ricky has a method he calls Lasso the Bobbin Thread (tip). No more trying to thread that fancy thread through the eye of a teeny tiny needle.

With Transform Your Quilting you can join in anytime and go back and re-watch any of the tips or techniques whenever you want. Just make sure you are LOGGED IN as a Star Member. Then, open your newsletters and follow the links. It’s fast learning and lots of fun.
Watch Priscilla Bianchi's Fantastic Show Again and Again!
View It For the First or Fiftieth Time!

Our quilt show members just love Priscilla Bianchi's show featuring Mayan Textiles. Don't believe us? Hear from them yourself:

"This show had constant chills running up and down my body. These vibrant colours and patterns are breathtaking and inspiring. I am so glad I am a member of your show so I can watch it again and again. Thank you!" - Alixe B

Learn from Priscilla by watching her in Working with Mayan Textiles and Stripes and Textile Tours with Priscilla Bianchi.
Alex LIVE: How To Use The Circular Attachment
Run Circles Around Your Friends with This Info from Alex

Alex loves her circular attachment. Many sewing machines have one. See how Alex uses this tool. Get her advice on how to achieve great results.

Alex is LIVE TODAY, September 19, 2022 @ 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm London time. All classes are recorded so they can be viewed later.

Textile Talks: Fabulous Surfaces - Queer Maximalism x Machine Dazzle
"Fabulous" Fashion Is The Focus

Join Elissa Auther, Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs and the William and Mildred Lasdon Chief Curator at the Museum of Arts and Design, for this week's Textile Talk which focuses on Fabulous Surfaces. This exhibit "highlights the themes, objects, and extravagant style of the exhibition Queer Maximalism x Machine Dazzle currently on view at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City. The exhibition is a solo presentation of the genre-defying artist Matthew Flower, better known as Machine Dazzle."

Register today and watch when this episode airs this Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at 2 PM EDT.
How Can You Make Your Fabrics Fray-Free and Easy to Work With?
Terial Magic! That's How!

Terial Magic is a unique twist on a traditional fabric stabilizer that makes natural fiber fabric paper-like and fray-free once treated. Use it to stiffen fabric for crafting, keep fabric from fraying during sewing and appliqué, and so much more!

The Quilt Show Puzzle: A Simple and Squiggly Quilt
"Squiggles" by Christa Watson

Squiggles is a simple stitch-and-flip quilt made from a traditional pattern and Charm Packs. Christa used pre-cuts (2 1/2"Jelly Rolls and 5” square Charm Packs) to create Squiggles, which is a great way to use leftover scraps.

See more of Christa's quilts in How to Work with Pre-Cuts with Christa Watson | Modern Leaning Antique Quilts.
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