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The Quilt Show Newsletter - September 18, 2022

First Prize Contemporary Quilts - 2022 Birmingham Festival of Quilts, QSOS with Sandra Leichner, Pack and Follow - The Quilts of Jenny Bowker, Nine Tips for your Patchwork 97D Foot, Oakshott Fabrics Have Been Restocked, A Colorful Puzzle

Sunday Smiles - September 18, 2022
Featured Quilt - First Prize Contemporary Quilts - 2022 Birmingham Festival of Quilts

New Perspectives by Helen Butcher won First Prize - Contemporary Quilts, sponsored by Janome, at the 2022 Birmingham Festival of Quilts. What did the judges in Birmingham like about Helen's quilt? They were impressed that she "was able to turn traditional blocks into a contemporary quilt. It demonstrated good perspective, effective value changes and combines scale and proportion to create a lively composition."

And how, you may ask, did Helen come up with the idea for her quilt? She says, "I have always loved 3-D imagery and wanted to create a contemporary version of a traditional sampler - complete with corner stones. I also had great fun choosing the fabrics for this piece. This new design now forms my latest Block of the Month."
Quilters' Save Our Stories with Sandra Leichner
Sandra Shares Her Story

In today's installment from the Quilters' Save Our Stories (QSOS) program from the Quilt Alliance, we are focusing on TQS guest Sandra Leichner. In her story, she discusses her phenomenal Pharaoh quilt, and shares how "she began quilting and her creative and technical processes in her quilting, including her favorite aspects of quilting, her ability to hand quilt as well as machine quilt, and her personal quilting style and influences."

See the amazing Pharaoh quilt in the Featured Quilt gallery, and watch Sandra right here on The Quilt Show in How to Do Hand Applique with Embroidery with Sandra Leichner | How to Do One Shape Quilting Design.

Pack and Follow - The Quilts of Jenny Bowker
A Retrospective of Jenny Bowker's Quilts

Jenny Bowker's exhibition, Pack and Follow - The Quilts of Jenny Bowker
, is ending its run today at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery in New South Wales. If you missed out on this wonderful presentation of Jenny's quilts have no fear, because the past president of SAQA, and former guest of The Quilt Show, Lisa Walton made a video documenting the exhibit in all its glory. Give it a watch and be in awe of all the amazing work that Jenny has made.

What was the show about? - "Pack and Follow, showcases quilts over the past decade of renowned contemporary Australian textile artist Jenny Bowker AO. This exhibition is a unique insight into Islamic culture which follows Bowker’s experience of living in the Middle East."

Learn from Jenny right here at The Quilt Show by watching her in
Quilt Design and Free Motion Quilting with Jenny Bowker | Tips for Wool Quilts with Anna Bates.
WeAllSew: Nine Tips on How to Use the BERNINA Patchwork Foot 97D
Learn How To Get The Most Out of Your Foot

Whenever we get a new tool, device, or gizmo, it always takes some time to learn how to use it. The same can be said with any sewing machine tool, especially if it's a brand new foot that you're unfamiliar with. Teri Lucas at WeAllSew is going to help you become familiar with one such foot, the BERNINA Patchwork Foot 97D, as she shows you her top nine tips on how to use it.

Oakshott Fabrics Have Been Restocked!
But Don't Wait To Shop Because They Sell Fast!

Oakshott's lovingly created shot cottons were designed just for quilters, and offer exceptional color, luster, drape, softness and quality. The characteristic "shot" effect comes from combining different warp and weft hues, and offers added depth and color intensity to the fabrics.
The Quilt Show Puzzle: Wavy Colorful Strips Abound
"Ethnic Waves" by Priscilla Bianchi

The wavy strips of Ethnic Waves were inspired by Cintas, which are linear pieces of woven fabric sold in the market that women use to wrap their heads. In addition to providing the inspiration for the imagery of the quilt, the Cintas also gave Priscilla an excuse to use lots of different tidbits of fabric throughout the quilt since they themselves are full of different colorful designs.

See more of Priscilla's quilts in Working with Mayan Textiles and Stripes and Textile Tours with Priscilla Bianchi.
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