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The Quilt Show Newsletter - September 17, 2023

Innova Master Award For Contemporary Artistry - Houston 2023, Quilt Fusion 2023 Featuring Alex Anderson, Quilters Take a Moment 2023: Day 2 Workshops, For Your Inspiration - A Second Modern Bridge in England, In The Store - Bias Binding from Moda, A Lovely Puzzle

Sunday Smiles - September 17, 2023

Featured Quilt - The Innova Master Award For Contemporary Artistry at Houston 2023

Here's another glimpse into the winner's circle for the 2023 Houston International Quilt Festival. Akiko Matsumura took home The Innova Master Award For Contemporary Artistry (Sponsored by Innova) for her quilt Summer Shower (76” x 77”).

Akiko's quilt was inspired by one of the things that most quilters the world over take inspiration from, the beauty of the natural world around her. She says, “On a summer morning, when I looked up on the walkway where I usually walk, I saw a slight blue sky among the many leaves. The sight was very pleasant to me, and I love this place. I made this quilt with that feeling in mind.”

See The Quilt

Quilt Fusion 2023 Featuring Alex Anderson

Join Alex and More for Two Day's Worth of Quilting Excellence!

Calling all quilting enthusiasts! Get ready to fuel your creativity at Quilt Fusion 2023, a two-day LIVE virtual event on November 9-10, 2023. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie with a needle, this event promises lots of fun and learning about quilting—fabric scraps, color composition, modern quilting, quilt seams, and more—taught by expert instructors, including our very own Alex Anderson.

By securing your spot, you get 8.5 hours of live content, 16+ hours of recorded (lifetime access) content at your convenience, a Swag Bag, and entry to quilt-tastic Giveaways! Save $25 off your ticket with Alex's code QF1ALEX.

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Quilters Take a Moment 2023: Day 2 Workshops - Labeling and Documentation

Mark Your Calendars for Day Two's Events

The second day's workshops for Quilters Take a Moment (QTM) 2023, taking place Thursday, October 19, 2023, from 12:00 - 4:30 pm Eastern Time, have been announced and will feature a spotlight on Labeling and Documentation. Find out why this important practice of documenting your quilts is something every quilter should know.

Stay tuned to the newsletter in the next couple of weeks to get updates on the workshops and more taking place at Quilters Take a Moment 2023.

Learn More

For Your Inspiration - A Second Modern Bridge in England

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge: A Modern Marvel

On his second trip to England for his journey of Modern Bridges that inspire quilters, Capt'n John came across The Gateshead Millennium Bridge in England. How did inspiration strike John for this bridge? It reminded him of the beneficial qualities of any good quilt in your home, useful, beautiful, and gives off a simple appearance but is anything but simple.

Learn More

In The Store - Bias Binding from Moda

Bella Solid Bias Binding

Thatched Bias Binding

Grunge Bias Binding

There Are So Many Things To Bind With These Days

Bind quilts faster with pre-made single fold 100% cotton Bias Binding from Moda! Available in three of Moda's most popular fabric styles, Bella Solid, Thatched, Grunge, and lots of of other colors.

Moda Bella Solid Bias Binding
Moda Thatched Bias Binding
Moda Grunge Bias Binding

The Quilt Show Puzzle: A Coded Love Message

"Be My Valentine" by Vicki Conley

Vicki has developed a class, known as her Breaking the Code class, based on her quilt Be My Valentine. The design of the quilt itself is the Morse code phrase for "Be My Valentine" translated into abstract fabric design. Vicki has a technique where you can translate people's phrases into Morse code and then make that translation into an abstract design, which forms the basis for the class.

See more of Vicki's quilts in Learn Turned Edge and Fussy Piecing with Vicki Conley | Make a Soul Box with Carrie Bloomston.

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See The Quilt

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