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The Quilt Show Newsletter - September 12, 2022

Transform Your Quilting Lucky 7, Going Through The Castle Door (Quilt), Mixing Mayan Textiles with Cotton, Alex LIVE, Digging Deeper - Researching Inscribed Names on Antique Quilts, Century Whites by Andover Fabrics, A Starry California Puzzle

Newsletter - September 12, 2022
It's Lucky Week 7

We're lucky to have TQS favorite Susan Cleveland presenting her techniques for Impeccable Piecing this week in Transform Your Quilting.
Susan shares her techniques for Impeccable Piecing and How to Get that 1/4" Seam Allowance (technique) - watch Show 2308 - Click on Chapter 5. Discover the "Pin-Tuck" Trick, learn about "The Turn of the Cloth", and find out if you need a "Wacker".

And this tip is really eye-popping. You know how sometimes it is hard to get your sewing machine needle threaded? Well, the manufacturers of needles have given you a way to do it and Ricky Tims shows you how in...Learn How to Thread Your Sewing Machine Needle (tip). Did you know about this?

With Transform Your Quilting you can join in anytime and go back and re-watch any of the tips or techniques whenever you want. Just make sure you are LOGGED IN as a Star Member. Then, open your newsletters and follow the links. It’s fast learning and lots of fun.
Featured Quilt - One Door, Two Door, Stone Door, Castle Door

Our third quilt from the UK Doorways Challenge comes to us from Ann Moody. Her quilt, Picton Castle Interpreted, was all about using a different technique on each of the doors represented throughout her work. She says, "Inspired by the doorways seen on a visit to Picton Castle, Pembrokeshire.  Each doorway was created using one, two or more of the following - patchwork, applique, printing on fabric, ink dyeing, fibre pens or Galetos. The background was screen printed and all the work was machine quilted."
Watch Priscilla Bianchi Mix Mayan Textiles with Cotton
Mixing Mayan Textiles with Cotton

In our new show, Priscilla Bianchi dispels the notion that working with handwoven Guatemalan fabric in quilting should be difficult. She shares tips about the types, thickness, and quality of fabric choices as well as the importance of pressing. Plus, Priscilla shows how mixing quilters cotton with Guatemalan fabrics can really make a simple design sing.

Learn from Priscilla by watching her in Working with Mayan Textiles and Stripes and Textile Tours with Priscilla Bianchi.
Textile Talks: Digging Deeper - Researching Inscribed Names on Antique Quilts
What's In A Name?

You know what quilters always say, "Make sure to put a label on your quilt." But what did quilters do before they put labels on their quilts? They sometimes put their name actually on the quilt. What significance does that have? Join the next Textile Talk with independent researchers and quilt historians William and Charlene Bongiorno as they, along with the Quilt Alliance, help to “educate Americans about the importance of documenting quilts and quiltmakers so that their stories will not be lost.”

Register today and watch when this episode airs this Wednesday, September 14, 2022, at 2 PM EDT.
Back In Stock - Century Whites by Andover Fabrics
Sometimes White Is Good AFTER Labor Day

These white-on-white basics should be in everyone's stash. They are perfect for those spots where you need white that is interesting but not distracting. They are great for backgrounds and there is a pattern for everyone!
The Quilt Show Puzzle: Out Amongst The California Stars
"California Star Medallion" by Marsha McCloskey

Today's puzzle is from the queen of feathered star quilts, Marsha McCloskey. Her quilt is called California Star Medallion and comes from her book, On To Square Two. If you'd like to learn more about feathered stars, you can read Marsha's books, Feathered Star Quilt Blocks I and Feathered Star Quilt Blocks II.

See more of Marsha's quilts in
How to Draft a Quilt Block with Marsha McCloskey | Museum Tour.
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