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The Quilt Show Newsletter - November 29, 2023

Third Place - Pictorial-Large at Houston 2023, What Has Valerie C. White Been Up To Since Her Last Show?, Alex LIVE: Kathy Wylie's Winning Quilt - "Beauty in the Broken", Introducing Kona Cotton Solids Charm Packs, Memory Match Game, Puzzle

Welcome to Wednesday - November 29, 2023

Featured Quilt - Third Place Pictorial-Large at Houston 2023

A Crowd of Strangers by Jill Kerttula won Third Place in the Pictorial-Large category (Sponsored by World Of Quilts Travel) at the 2023 Houston International Quilt Festival. The subjects of Jill's quilt are ones that you have probably seen before in your day-to-day life, the denizens of a shopping mall. However, this quilt doesn't just represent a snapshot of one group of shoppers, it is an amalgamation of many created from year's worth of photos taken by Jill.

She says, "I have taken hundreds of pictures of the regulars in the Charlottesville downtown mall. This piece is a combination of about 15 of those images combined into one. Even in a crowd, few of us look at or interact with each other. We are a crowd of strangers, each in their own world. One place, many times, many lives...all in their individual world of thought."

See The Quilt

What Has Valerie C. White Been Up To Since Her Last Show?

It's Time For Show and Tell with Valerie

Alex and Ricky welcome back Valerie C. White to The Quilt Show to catch up with what she has been doing since her last time on the show. Valerie’s work continues to focus on roots but now also includes the subject of refuge as well. As an artist who lets imagery reveal the story, she discusses how therapeutic knitting with others in the park during COVID led to her self-portrait quilt. Along with two solo exhibits under her belt, she continues to love monoprinting with paint. Join us as we take a dive into career now and look at her beautiful quilts.

Learn from Valerie, and Kate Colleran, by watching Using Evolon for Die Cutting and Monoprinting with Valerie C. White | Fabric Braids with Kate Colleran.

Watch The Show

Alex LIVE: Kathy Wylie's Winning Quilt - "Beauty in the Broken"

Alex Was Blown Away

When you first see Kathy Wylie's quilt, Beauty in the Broken, you are amazed and then confused. Are those holes in the quilt? How did she do those borders? What was her inspiration? We caught up with Kathy at the 2023 Houston Quilt Show to get all the answers.

Alex is LIVE TODAY, November 29, 2023 @ 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm London time. All classes are recorded so they can be viewed later.

Want to see Kathy's quilt up close? View it in the Featured Quilt Gallery with some great detail shots to see all of the amazing cut-outs.

After watching Alex's LIVE, learn more from Kathy right here at The Quilt Show by watching her in How to Do a Scalloped Binding with Kathy K Wylie | How to Make a Zippered Pouch with Valori Wells.

Watch Alex LIVE
Watch Kathy's Show
See "Beauty in the Broken"

Introducing Kona Cotton Solids Charm Packs

Lovely Palette

Leafy Greens Palette

Seafarer Palette

Charmed To Meet You

These charming charm packs are just the thing for when you need a small pop of color in a project. Each pack includes 42, 5" squares in a range of colors, and they are a great, cost effective way to fill in missing colors in your stash.

See The Charm Packs

Jinny Beyer's Memory Match Game

Do you play Jinny Beyer's Memory Match Game? Have you tried challenging your friends? Find out who among your quilt group has that encyclopedic knowledge of quilt blocks. Have some fun and learn about quilting.

Play The Game

The Quilt Show Puzzle: Creative Collage Work

"Devine Lily" by Michele Sanandajian

Devine Lily is a stunning example of Michele's collage work and was a 2012 Niche Award winner.

See more of Michele's quilts in How to Make a Fusible Collage Quilt with Michele Sanandajian | Unusual Binding with Laura Wasilowski.

Go To Puzzle
See The Quilt

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