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The Quilt Show Newsletter - May 24, 2023

First Place Small Wall Quilts: Hand Quilted - Paducah 2023, Mary Pal's Cheesecloth Portraits Will Astound You, Come and See the "Knitted" McDonald's, SnagMagic Needles In The Store, Memory Match Game, An Elaborate Handmade Puzzle

Welcome to Wednesday - May 24, 2023

Featured Quilt - First Place Small Wall Quilts: Hand Quilted at Paducah 2023

Colourful by Yuko Takahashi won First Place Small Wall Quilts: Hand Quilted (Sponsored by Martelli Enterprises) at AQS QuiltWeek Paducah 2023Colourful certainly lives up to its name, featuring a beautiful palette of colored fabrics expertly hand quilted on such a small scale.

See The Quilt

Mary Pal's Cheesecloth Portraits Will Astound You

Forget Paint, Make A Portrait with Cheese(cloth)

When it comes to creating portraits Mary Pal prefers to use white cheesecloth on a black background to achieve the most dramatic and realistic light and shadows of the individual. In the latest from The Quilt Show, she discusses how different grades of cheesecloth result in less or more obvious open weave (holes) areas. Once the portrait has dried she attaches the finished piece onto linen, buckram or burlap for an even  more textured appearance.

Learn from Mary, and Ricky, by watching them in Learn How to Use Cheesecloth for Appliqué with Mary Pal | How to Make a Quilt Sleeve with Ricky Tims.

Watch The Show

Come and See the "Knitted" McDonald's

It's Covered With What?

From Now This News, "A McDonald’s location in Ustroń, Poland, got a full cardigan makeover, with giant amounts of wool covering the entire building inside and out." Come and watch the video to get the full view and see how this McDonald's restaurant got a full makeover for Winter.

(Photo from carbonmagazine.co.uk)

Watch The Video

In The Store - SnagMagic Needles by SnagMagic

A Pain-Free Way to Bury Threads? Yes Please!

Wouldn't you love an easy way to bury threads on your quilts? Well we've got one - SnagMagic Needles. A large loop on the end of each needle takes the place of an eye, so instead of having to thread a fiddly needle eye for every single thread you want to bury, you pass the thread through the loop - IT'S SO MUCH EASIER. Then you bury it with the needle like you normally would - easy peasy!

See The SnagMagic Needles

Jinny Beyer's Memory Match Game

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, can you match the blocks in Jinny Beyer's Memory Match Game? The best time and most correct answers wins, are you up for the challenge?

Play The Game

The Quilt Show Puzzle: Handmade From Top to Bottom

"Elaborated Tangram" by Michael James

Elaborated Tangram is unique among Michael's works. Of the 300 or so quilts that he has made over 40-something years, this quilt is the only one of his that does not have a single machine stitch on it. Wanting to have one quilt that was entirely made by hand, even going so far as to piece the backing fabric lengths by hand, Elaborated Tangram was the final result and was completed in 1976. Made "to demonstrate contemporary piecing with visually complex designs", the quilt is now in the collection of the International Quilt Museum, and measures 91.5" by 89.5".

See more of Michael's quilts in 2013 Quilt Legend Michael James.

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See The Quilt

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