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The Quilt Show Newsletter - March 28, 2022

A Radiating Quilt, Ellen Lindner Inspires with a Photograph, Women's History Month with C&T Women, Lap Apps are Back, Memory Match, A Fractal Puzzle

Newsletter - March 28, 2022
Featured Quilt - An Impossible Radial

Mobius Radial by Audrey Esarey was featured in the Piecing category at Quiltcon 2022. Audrey says, "Mobius Radial is a natural next step in my continued exploration of the design concepts in my Radial Quilt series. The high contrast pieced wedges in various widths and lengths within an irregular arc are designed to create the optical illusion of a Mobius strip, or the impossible shape. The distorted wedges radiate from the pointed oval center of the quilt. The 1/4 inch straight line quilting is intentionally minimal to not distract from the piecing. Mobius Radial is the fourteenth quilt in my Radial Quilt series."
Ellen Lindner Nurtures A Quilt From A Photograph
From A Photo Grows A Great Quilt

In our newest show, Ellen Lindner shows Ricky how to draw inspiration from, but not copy, a photo of a redbud tree. After assessing what she likes in the image it’s time to make a simple line drawing sketch that becomes the basis of the design.

Learn from Ellen in
Learn the Principles of Quilt Design, Create a Quilt Inspired by a Photo and a Glued Fabric Collage with Ellen Lindner.
Women's History Month with Women of C&T Publishing
Someone You Know Very Well Is Participating

March is Women’s History Month and C&T Publishing is celebrating with its staff and authors! They asked the women of C&T to reflect on their careers in the publishing industry, dreams, and aspirations, and what Women’s History Month meant to them. And someone you may have heard of is participating. Yes, our very own Alex Anderson talks about what Women’s History Month means to her and so much more.

In The Store - Lap Apps Are Back!
Get On The Lap App Train

Everyone's favorite portable working station is back in stock, so get yours while you can! This small adjustable lap table provides a resting spot for your hands while you stitch appliqué and handwork.
Jinny Beyer's Memory Match Game
It's time to play another round of Jinny Beyer's Memory Match Game! How many blocks are there in Jinny's game? You won't know until you match every single one of them. Play the game and discover them all!
The Quilt Show Puzzle: Fabulous Fractals Abound
"Fractal" by Claudia Pfeil

Claudia's quilt, Fractal, has 30,000 crystals and that's not all. It is painted, inked, machine appliquéd, fused, and enhanced by a myriad of quilting designs. It also won Best of Show at Road to California 2018 along with many other awards as well.

See more of Claudia's quilts in How to Machine Quilt on Silk with Claudia Pfeil | Cosplay with Gayle Schliemann.

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